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* Be Recognised for the Distinct Quality and Integrity of Your Business;

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Yes! -  have your business showcased in front of the most discerning Searchers/Customers in the
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Psst!  .. You need to be recommended by an existing member, so please check the listings
to see if you already know someone here first - before you press the 'Join Now' button below.
The whole concept behind the FRED67 Business Referrals Website is that we only promote
trusted trades, product and service providers (
please read Terms&Conditions. )

At Present; Membership is Just £300-  And By Invitation Only.

To keep corruption totally at bay, every Bio-page will show the name of the
member who recommended the business being viewed, this should deter
members from recommending any business that they don't 100% trust.

The Bio-Page / Profile-Pages  are not intended to be anything other than a showcase for your
comprehensive business details so that visitors to can make a good decision about
whether to use your business or not.
(Distractions are kept to a minimum and 3rd party advertising will be removed from all Bio-pages).

This is a 'personal' service for your business promotion/development and the arrangement you enter
into is for me to include your business details on the afore-mentioned platforms and promoted regularly
over the duration of your subscription which should see a marked improvement in customers/clients
finding your business as a result.

I hope you can see the very real benefits of subscription to this FRED67 Business Referral Service and
that you decide to subscribe immediately by clicking the join now button below and completing the
Prompt form that you are directed to.

As this is a 'By Invitation Only' website, you must include the name/business name of the person who is
recommending you so that the appropriate checks can be made before inclusion on this website.

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Peter Moring .....
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Mission Statement

The Mission Is Not!
To Do Business With 'Everyone' Who Needs This Service

The Mission IS!
To Do Business With Everybody Who 'Shares The Same Values And Beliefs' About
'Mutual Trust' In Business-To-Business And Business-To-Customer Relationships.

You might well be surprised at the vast number of people throughout the
Thames Valley regions who are searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc
for exactly what 'your' business offers.

These are potentially Your New Customers if they're not already aware of You

and 'Your Business'.
"In good times, people 'Want' to advertise;
in bad times, they 'Have' to"
. Bruce Barton
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