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Heart disease and other cardiac problems

Now that I'm at 'that age' where every Niggle, Pain and Dizzy-Spell
seems like a Warning! from the Grim-Reaper I decided to read-up
on the subject of 'Preventative' Medicine/Actions to prolong the time
before I get that visit from the 'Boney Man'.

During my searches I came across this amazingly comprehensive
E-book and follow-up E-course which allowed me to Subliminally
keep a daily check on my 'choices' to protect my Heart from the
ravages of time. I was so impressed that I bought the PLR for it
so that I could actually 'Give It Away' to anyone and everyone who
'also' thought it might be a great idea to take the greatest care of
their Heart and by so doing, looking after their general health.
A Healthy Heart is Essential to A Healthy Body & Healthy Life)

The heart is one of the most critical organs in your body.
If your heart stops working, you '
Will Die' without medical intervention.

You can’t live without the heart because it continually pumps blood
and oxygen through your body, sending it to your brain and all of
the other organs and parts of the body that require it.

Without your heart, your other organs can’t get any oxygen.
Your brain can only live for a few minutes without it.
If your brain is too seriously damaged, there’s nothing the doctors
can do to bring you back.

Because the heart is 'so' important, it’s absolutely vital
that you take care of it properly.  

You should do everything you can to protect it.

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The DIY Heart Health Check