Ello Darlin,
Ello love,
Super - Od's me name.
Makin loads-a-money,
an workin ard's me game.

When I was at school,
I made meself a promise.
I was gonna be rich some day,
I knew me brain was addled,
but it didn't matter anyway.

I ad a will of iron,
that no-one could grind down.
When I left school and went to work,
I really went to town.

When every one ad finished
I would stay back late.
Making sure that next day
we'd cop a better rate.

I knew that time was on me side
and if I used it right,
I would be rewarded
with the
'gold' and all it's might.

I've grafted ard every day
to earn the extra quids.
I've provided very well
for me wife and me kids.

Me flash cars, flash house,
Golf and swimming pools,
are now me reward
for ignoring all the fools.

Still, I've got me knockers,
who think that I'm a waster.
They think I live off ill-gotten-gain.
But there's at least a thousand men out there
who've witnessed me strength,
me will of iron ......... And me pain.

So let me tell you darlin's
who are leaving school just now.
Time is on your side,
use it like I've shown you ow.
Work ard, no matter ow it urts
and you will be rewarded.

Don't take out credit,
save your pounds.
Picture your ouse in it's ramblin grounds.
Picture your pool in the sun.
Your race orse run.
Your flash car turnin the eds.
Pretty soon me darlin's
you'll be rollin in money beds.

Waste your time like all the rest,
and 'the rest' is who you'll be.
Stand out from the crowd
an be your own 'self'.
'Yourself' is who they'll all see.

Be tough, determined,
and as honest as you can.
Don't fall for the 'Scams' of the 'political man'.
Focus your mind and visualise.
It's all there for YOU,
except the stars in the skies.

Pete :-)

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