Alice Seba

Alice Seba is also someone who took ghostwriting to a new level, now teaching others about business
success – and she has two PLR stores where she provides great content for your needs. She has been
marketing on her own since 2004, so she knows what kind of content works and what doesn’t., which she launched in 2010, specializes in illustrated tutorials and tools in a variety of
subject areas. Most PLR bundles include step-by-step tutorials that have plenty of screenshots or
photos. They also do quite a few slide shows, checklists, templates and other tools.

All Private Label Content, owned by Alice Seba and Melody Spier, has been providing quality content
since 2006. They offer a few memberships and a la carte products as well, so whether you need a little
bit of content or a lot, you can probably find what you want.

They sell articles, reports and autoresponder series in a variety of subject areas. The memberships are
in the mom and marketing niches and offer solid content each and every month. They have a resell PLR
membership that will be of interest to people who want to sell PLR themselves.

The site delivers a perfect mix of Alice’s knowledge in ghostwriting, copywriting, and marketing, which
Melody bring to the table a background in online customer service and management.

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas is a multi-talented full-time freelance writer, PLR creator and blogger who reviews
products and produces niche PLR content in the form of article packs and reports.

Her site,, has a unique aspect in that each pack includes links to other top
quality PLR from other provides you might be interested in buying. This is important because if you’re
dug into a niche, chances are, you need lots of content to keep your blog and email autoresponders
going, among other things.

Amanda has two levels of PLR – the regular PLR is just $1 per page, while the ones that are limited in
the number sold are $2 per page. You can find a large number of topics, including fitness, holidays,
gardening and more.

Nathan Devlin

Nathan is the owner of He’s been profiting online fulltime since 2006, when he ran
his own niche sites. He has a background in neuroscience and public science presentations and
seminars, so he’s familiar with educating a target audience.

It was in 2010 that he began to develop a thirst for helping others navigate the often harried world of
Internet Marketing, so he started his journey to create a private label rights store that would help other
marketers stick to a budget when searching for quality content that’s genuinely useful.

The store covers all sorts of niche topics, like business and finance, family and relationships, health and
fitness, outdoors, personal development, Amazon product reviews, pets, real estate, technology and

His most popular product packs are the 2-page long product reviews, and he takes requests for PLR
packs if you have a specific line of products or a niche topic you want him to create a pack about.

The topics are written in the form of articles, reports, and eBooks – and the reports and eBooks come
with eCover graphics and PSD files so you can edit them. It pays to subscribe to his list when you first
purchase because he’ll send you discounts on all brand new PLR (often for the first 7 days).

Peg Baron, is run by Peg Baron, a marketer who majored in English in college and proofreads for
many top marketing gurus on the ‘net today. Peg also has many marketing courses of her own on the
market, which help newbies and seasoned marketers alike succeed.

This PLR store is a non membership PLR site where you buy only what you need and nothing more. But
the PLR is limited in the number of packs sold so that only 50 buyers can get their hands on them.

She has a variety of topics including things like Internet marketing and business, self help and self care,
weight loss and exercise, pets, weddings, vacations, gardening, home and family and much more!

Ruth Pound

Ruth Pound is a successful affiliate marketer who not only sells, but also buys private label rights herself
– so she knows what kind of content converts into sales.

Her PLR store, caters to buyers who need a variety of niche topics. You can buy article
packs, eBooks and reports. Most article packs have about 5-10 articles in them, but she also sells some
mega packs on toys and product reviews. Plus, each pack always comes with keyword research as a

There are discounts on the home page that explain how you can save if you buy a minimum amount of
PLR. And some packs are limited to 150 or fewer buyers, but they’re clearly marked so you know which
is which.

You can buy PLR on parenting and babies, green living, personal development and more. The PLR
comes with a 100% money back guarantee, and there are sample articles you can view before you buy
to see the quality on the site.

Tiffiney Cowan

Tiffiney Cowan started out as a ghostwriter as well, but she launched her PLR store to add another
business model to her online income. She started getting lots of requests for topics, so her store has
grown rapidly. is where you can find Tiffiney’s content. She has a variety of niche topics, and
some turn into a full fledged series, like the Parenting PLR that went from birth through the teen years –
which you can buy with an editable eCover.

She did the same with her Alternative Therapies and Herabl Remedies series – which also includes
PowerPoint slides to go with the editable eCover and content.

Tiffiney also launched a popular Google Plus (G+) PLR pack and got more requests for social media
topics, so she’s busy churning those out for her PLR customers.

Whenever she runs a WSO (Warrior Special Offer), her list is always given access to the special
discount price before the WSO is even approved. And she’s available to help her customers maximize
the content they buy from her.

Ronnie Nijmeh

Ronnie launched in September of 2008, but he’s been in business online since 1999. He’s
been featured on national TV, radio and in print. He’s a six-figure earner, and the PLR store is just one
of his many business models – among software development and publishing.  

The focus of is in helping coaches, consultants and professionals in the self-help and finance
niches. There are two membership models – one for the self-help buyers and one for the finance

In the self-help membership, you get 5 action guides and a report, 30 articles, 30 personal reflection
affirmations, 20 wallpapers, graphics, and private mastermind calls and downloads.

The finance membership program delivers 1 personal finance report of 10-20 pages, 10 personal
finance articles, 10 action guides, 1 PowerPoint presentation, and members-only mastermind training
calls and downloads.

All of these PLR providers are wonderful resources for you to use. You might even do a comparison
chart for your own buying preferences to see which one has content in your niche and whose quality
you like best for your particular needs.

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Top PLR Providers

When you’re searching for private label rights (PLR), it’s important that you consider several elements
to your purchase. PLR is a tool that you can use to cut your investment of time with content creation,
so it’s important that you know how to shop for it.

First, look for the PLR providers who deliver top quality content. You don’t want to receive deliverables
that are unreadable or not researched well. The whole point of PLR is that the work is done for you, so
you don’t want to have to pay for something you’ll be starting over with from scratch.

Second, consider the price of the private label rights. Does it meet your budget? PLR is usually very
affordable compared to ghostwriting, because it’s sold to multiple buyers, which is where the seller
makes his or her profits.

Third, look at the rights you have with the PLR. Are you able to put your name on it or edit it? Can you
sell it or give it away? You want to have the rights line up nicely with your specific needs.

We’re going to cover the top PLR providers in the marketing world today. These providers have a wide
variety of topics, types of PLR (such as eBooks and reports, email autoresponders, blog posts, articles
and more).

They’re in no particular order, but they are all known to be top quality PLR providers.

Nicole Dean

Nicole Dean is one of the better-known female marketers online. She is known for always delivering top
quality in everything she does – PLR or otherwise. This woman runs four private label rights stores: is a site she runs without a membership requirement. There are two writers creating
the content for her site – one writes the initial content and the second one goes through and adds more
value to it.

The PLR at is on a wide variety of niche topics – from health and wellness to finance and
business (and everything in between). There are articles, reports and ecourses that come with
autoresponders and a squeeze page that you can buy, and each pack is limited in the number sold. is a site Nicole created to cater to the food niche – with many recipe and food articles
to come to your rescue. She uses a group of college-educated writers to provide the content found on
the site and it’s proofread and edited in-house before going into the marketplace.

This is a monthly membership site where you’ll pay a small fee and get 10 cooking and food articles
plus 30 recipes. They’re all based on a monthly theme, so you can combine them into a report to use or
sell. is a site that Nicole launched with Lain Ehmann and it’s great for anyone who
coaches or blogs about business and success. This is not a membership site, so you can pay for
whatever packs you truly need. This site is perfect for those focusing on success mindset. is a site Nicole created with Melissa Ingold. The site bills itself as having
readymade presentations and tools you can use to impress your audience.

You get things like scripts and PowerPoint slides that you can use to create video tutorials. You can
host interactive webinars to provide demonstrations using PowerPoint slides. Another thing in the packs
are guides, eBooks, and reports – complete with screenshots. And once you tack on checklists that
come with it to help your customers navigate the lesson, you’ll barely have to lift a finger for success!

Tiffany Dow

Tiffany Dow got her start as the guru’s ghostwriter, so she learned everything about the content
creation the top marketers use for years before she branched out on her own and began creating her
own courses.

She launched the
PLR Mini Mart as a way to allow marketers on a budget to access top quality writing
at a fraction of the cost. While she charged $30 per page for ghostwriting, her PLR is just $1 per page.

There is no membership required at the
PLR Mini Mart – you simply log in and find what you need from
the following categories:

52 Articles and a Report – these packs have one article for each week of the year, plus they
come with a 5 or more page report that you can use as an optin freebie to build your list (or a viral
report or broken up as articles). Some of them even have squeeze page graphics included, but not all
of them.
Affiliate Product Reviews – these packs review some of the hottest ClickBank and Amazon
products for you, so that all you have to do is plug in your affiliate link and run with it!
Autoresponder Emails – these packs offer a way for you to quickly stay in touch with your
subscribers, but you don’t have to use them as auto-responders – you can bundle them as a report or
use them as articles or blog posts.
Blog posts – these PLR packs really help when you know you need to feed the Googlebots with
content, but you’re running low on time (or ideas) to create something for your blog. Again, they can be
used in other ways if you prefer.
CPA PLR – these packs were created specifically to cater to CPA marketers. The include a 3-
page landing page (where you can put your opt in form), a 5-part email series that links to each day’s
lesson, and a series of five, four-page lessons on the topic. It looks like a free mini course to the visitor.
eBooks and Reports – these packs are created in a variety of niche topics – like sleep disorders,
marketing success, credit cards, dating and much more. You can use the files as is or break them up
for blogging, article marketing, etc.
Keyword Research packs – these packs offer a list of keyword that provide 100 searches per
day and less than 100k competing pages using phrase match.
PLR Articles – this is an enormous collection of niche articles ranging in size and topic. You can
find common topics like dieting and health or obscure topics like baseball collectibles and Paul
McCartney. Whatever you need in the form of articles, it’s probably here – and if not, put in a request to
have it made.
Weekly – these are packs created around a specific topic using the news that came out in the
week that it was generated. So for instance, the diet weekly PLR pack includes news related items from

Tiffany only has two rules for her store – don’t use her name on the content, and don’t pass along
the PLR rights to others. She allows you to combine or break apart the content, too – and she puts all
requests for specific topics into a file and delivers those over time.
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