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Rabbit Hutches
The Best Rabbit Home Is a Hutch With a Rabbit Run

What is the best rabbit home you can get?
It’s the one that gives your precious pet the comfort
you want him to have. There’s a belief circulating that
bunnies can be perfectly happy in a cage, that all they
need to find joy out of a life is some food, a little place
to sleep and an hour or two of attention from a pet

Nothing could be more off base.
Rabbits are not happy locked away in a cage where
they can’t get the exercise they crave.

To a rabbit, being able to run and hop around in the
sunshine, being able to sniff the air and rise up on his
hind legs is part of his natural lifestyle. To take that
away from him causes him stress and agitation.

Rabbits don’t need exercise ‘every now and then’ or
‘when the weather permits.’ They need to be free to roam around every day for several hours a day. They
need a  
good run  along with their hutch so that they can come and go at will.

What you have to know about the best rabbit home for your bunny is that while he does need to have one
with a run, you have understand the best place to set the run up. It’s a misconception to believe that a run
can be put over any patch of grass and everything will be fine.

There are plants that are toxic to rabbits and if you’ve treated your lawn, that can be dangerous to the
bunny, too. Taking care of weed control on a lawn is good lawn care sense but the chemicals used to kill the
weeds can also kill the bunny if he eats it.

Rabbits are very lovable, very inquisitive animals that will explore everything they can see and touch. It’s the
job of the pet owner to provide an area where the rabbit can freely sniff around and enjoy being outdoors.

The number one danger for a rabbit being outside in a run is a possible encounter with a predator. So you’ll
want a run that’s sturdy enough to keep the dangers away from your pet. Never underestimate the
craftiness of a predator. That’s one reason a hutch door with an easy to swing open latch is a bad idea. If
you can open it with a twist of your fingers, so can a cat by swiping it with a paw.

Always know what’s going on in the run. When left alone outside for too long,
rabbits will begin to dig in the soil and they’ll create holes in the yard. This is done
because the rabbit instinctively tries to burrow.

The best rabbit home is the one that gives your bunny protection and freedom at
the same time. You can get both in a hutch that
has a run as well.

You can also buy the very sturdy Mobile Run that you can move to different areas
of the garden to give your Bunny some variety :-)