An Online Marketer’s Guide
To Reinvesting Your Profits

or Bigger Returns
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'An Online Marketer’s Guide
To Reinvesting Your Profits for Bigger Returns'

You’ve worked hard building your online business.

There were a few lean times, but you’re finally beginning to see a profit. It’
s time to think about reinvesting some of your profits for a bigger return.
But what should you invest in? What makes a good investment? And
when should you begin investing back into your business?

For any business that wants to grow, some type of reinvestment in the
business, whether monetary or not, is crucial. Reinvestment doesn’t
necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars, but a significant amount
should be targeted towards things that can boost your bottom line and
raise your profile.

Reinvesting in your business means investment not only with cash, but
also with time, expertise and effort.

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