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Blog #1  Twitterer;   ClaudiaBroome   'Claudia's Blog'

Claudia and  "To Have And To Hold Hostage"  offer support and information to moms facing divorce,
especially stay at home moms.
Blog #2  Twitterer;  bradfallon   'Stompernet'

Web 2.0 and Internet Marketing Success Development.
Blog #3   Twitterer;  rhemsworth     Ross Hemsworth's blog

This is the blog of radio and TV presenter Ross Hemsworth who also runs Glastonbury Radio              which
you can listen to online at
Blog #4   Twitterer; AuctionDirect    'Why Buy Used Cars'

Its tough out there - trying to find a decent used car, a good deal and someone you can  trust.
WhyBuyUsedCars.com arms the used car buyer with the best information and resources on
the web - with an entertaining spin.      ( Admit it…car blogs can be boring.)
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Blog #5   Twitterer;  patrickcurl    'There's a Blog in my Soup'

Conversational Marketing, Technology, Social Media, Social Networks, Blogging, SEO,  SEM/  Search Engine
Marketing, Making Money, and Ghost Hunting (I know, Random, huh?)
Blog #6   Twitterer; HilaryDickinson   'List Building for Newbies'

Follow my journey as a newbie internet marketer, learning from my mentor Alex Jeffreys. Learn how I am
doing this as a mum whilst also working outside the home.  If I can do it so can you!
Blog #7   Twitterer;   PaulElliott   'Marketing Success Blueprint'

Blog for online & offline businesses determined to grow with compellingly simple yet                                     
devastatingly effective marketing strategies & tactics inexpensively. Marketing consulting,                                  
coaching, & teaching with unbelievable guarantees!  Check it out!
Blog #8   Twitterer;   buxtonmarauder    'I'd Rather Be Diving'

Blogging about, life, diving, computing and the injustice of being a bloke...
Blog #9   Twitterer; marismith    'Why Facebook: Social Networking
                                               For FUN & PROFITS!'

Tips, strategies, technical how-to's, and best practices for using Facebook, Twitter and other popular
social media platforms.
Blog #10   Twitterer; KathAVFM      'A Voice For MS'

A whole collection of articles exploring the characteristics of MS and welcoming a
discussion in the comments. Come and hear the voice of MS
Blog #11   Twitterer;  joelcomm    'Make Money Online'

   Internet Entrepreneur, Author and Social Media Expert.
Blog #12   Twitterer; Lonely Grape   'Lonely Grape' -
                                     Wineries and Wines of McLaren Vale

 Information of the wineries and wines of McLaren Vale (South Australia).  Weekly a review or a cellar door
or smal winery is added (on weekends) plus a video blog, where usually taste 2 McLaren Vale wines and
provide a recommendation the buying potential of the wine.
Blog #13   Twitterer; (Available)
Blog #14  Twitterer; (Available)
Blog #15   Twitterer; (Available)
Blog #16  Twitterer;  nakedjen    'nakedjen'

A single woman living in Salt Lake who isn't afraid to talk about anything.  Or get naked.  
Especially on Fridays.
Blog #17  Twitterer; ThePaulDaniels    Paul Daniels

  The day to day happenings of a working Professional Magician, and his Wife!
Blog #18  Twitterer; SparklePlentyGirl   'Sparkly Shirts -
                             The bling that keeps on giving'

A bit about using crystal & rhinestone apparel to promote your brand.
Blog #19  Twitterer; (Available)
Blog #20  Twitterer;    paige_oneill     Social Media Paige

 What I Learned Today About Social Media. B2B B2C marketing, marketing strategy, social
media                    strategy, CMO
Blog #21  Twitterer;  analyzed    'The Analyzed Marketing Web Log'

This is a marketing based blog that provides valuable business and marketing tips,  tricks,                         
products and strategies that can help you market your business more successfully! There is                          
also much more that you will have to find out for yourself!
Blog #22  Twitterer;  JasonNethercott     'Business Process Vision'

My blog is about using full motion and screen capture video to clearly capture, improved                 
communication business processes and procedures.
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